Now Users Can Create Repeat Events From the Past on Facebook


Facebook introduced a new feature that lets users create a repeat event.

Now all the Facebook users can go to any past event that they hosted or attended, and replicate a new, similar event. It will automatically copy the details into a new event that you can preview and edit before posting and also invite your friends who also joined the event from the past.

The process is very easy and fast. Users go to “create repeat event” from a drop-down menu on most event pages and Facebook will automatically move a new event dialog with details from the last event, including the invite list. Users can change the date or any other details if necessary.

73086_10101624812479612_540665075_nThis was spotted on Bob Baldwin Timeline.

 This new feature will make it much easier for Facebook users to fill in an event’s recurrent details. This could be for example very useful for monthly trivia nights or weekly study groups.

According to Inside Facebook , users can create repeat events for any that they previously created or for any friends’ events that they attended. Users cannot use the repeat event feature for events created by pages they do not manage. The purpose is to avoid spamming large audiences of a page’s fans. Similarly, when users recreate events that were originally hosted by a friend, the full guest list does not carry over.

Unlike with most calendar apps, Facebook events cannot be set as repeating from the point of creation. For example, a useful feature for pages, groups and some users would be a way to create an event that automatically reoccurs every Monday and Wednesday.

Photo source: Photo 1, Photo 2  (Bob Baldwin)


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