Youtube has changed its layout again and the users hate it!

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 1.30.18 PM

(Source: YouTube)

New design intended to increase subscriptions.

YouTube revealed a new layout , which it hopes will encourage more subscriptions and lead to greater advertising revenue.

Visitors will now see their chosen video at the top of the screen, with all other details such as the title, likes and dislikes, comments and subscription button all neatly pulled together just below. Playlists are now found on the right hand side, along with the usual suggestions for related videos.

Now YouTube wants their monthly users to subscribe to their favourite channels. This will allow the site to update them when their favourite accounts have posted new content, suggest similar videos and introduce users to content shared by their friends.

Subscriptions have been made easier than ever before, allowing prolific posters to build up a following quicker than they could previously and helping YouTube target more of the four billion hours of content watched by users every month to the people who really want to see it.

The change comes almost exactly a year after YouTube last changed the look of its homepage, which it hoped would make for a more personal user experience.

However, YouTubers are hating on the new layout. There have been  hundreds videos uploaded complaining about YouTube change. See the video below.

The new site design does offer a “recommended” section on the far right hand side, but as many layout haters on YouTube have already pointed out, they never use it, or even notice it.

I personally share the same point of view as most of the YouTube users. I was more happy with the old design and this new one is just confusing me.

What is your opinion?


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