Ownshelf allows readers to share their ebooks

ownshelf-2Ownshelf is very new company that recently released the beta version of its software. The company is allowing users to upload their own eBooks to share with friends and safely store in the cloud.

It is easy and free. Here is a list of what readers can do on Ownshelf:

  • Show your bookshelf to friends
  • Browse friends’ shelves
  • Borrow and loan ebooks
  • Access your shelf anywhere

Rick Marazzani, the one who built Ownshelf, believes that all the readers should be able to share and discover e-books through their friends’ personal libraries just like they do with print books.

Ownshelf, a free web service, which was launched in beta. This software provides readers with a cloud storage platform to share e-books with friends and family.  It is similar to Dropbox, however, it is easier, simpler, and importantly made for e-book included a built in social element to encourage discovery.  Users  can access Ownshelf by login into the service through Facebook.  Afterwards, users are able to upload e-book files to create a digital bookshelf or borrow e-books from their contacts’ bookshelves.


There are also famous e-books devices such as Nook and Kindle  that enable to choose to lend out books for a limited period of time. However, Ownshelf goes a step further by providing their readers a central hub to swap and discover books on their own terms. The risk for the startup, however, is that Ownshelf will turn into an illegal peer-to-peer downloading service for copyrighted e-books.

For that reason, Ownshelf’s terms of use specifically state that users should not share books they don’t own.  Users should only share e-books that are in the public domain. They will have to sign up with their real names and can only share books with their real friends through Facebook.


Source: Twitter OwnshelfGood eReader


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