Social Jeans automatically update Facebook and Twitter

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 11.13.28 PM

If you are Facebook and Twitter obsessed, these jeans would be perfect for you. 

Italian denim brand Replay Jeans will release their jeans that feature a vinyl pocket equipped with a small bluetooth device. This communicates with the wearer’s smartphone via a dedicated app to easily and immediately share updates with their social networks.

These “Social Denim” allows you to quickly click the device to let people know your current location or mood. Your “happiness level” features eight different moods to choose from, ranging from positive to negative. These jeans will be available in blue and black fabric, in regular-slim or skinny fit for men and skinny or baby boot cut for women.

replay-jeans-updates-your-mood-on-facebook-and-twitter (1)

Replay Social Jeans will be available in Replay stores and European retailers as well as the Replay online store in December. According to Mashable, the prices of these jeans will range from $196 to $260.

Would you wear these Social Denim? What is your opinion on this creativity?

(Source: Replay, Fashion Uncut)


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